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Today’s HR function rapidly evolves and has the potential to enable transformation. It’s therefore more important than ever to have an innovation advisor on your side. Imagine to benefit from a new HR Operating Model to increase the efficiency of your HR team.

Repetitive, admin-intensive tasks are documented and automated, others – such as approving – can be delegated to managers and employees through self-service functionality. User-friendly, well-designed HR software and HR portals/intranet can support you to transform your employees’ perceptions of your HR department to be seen as forward-thinking and a strategic enabler of support.

Your organisation can seek our support to blueprint your HR Operating Model and execute projects, design and deployment activities required to achieve HR transformation across the company.

We are supporting startups and Fortune 500 companies in employing best-of-breed HR services to grow their businesses. By pairing HR technology with efficient and effective processes in your day-to-day demands, we are powering your for a new era of HR Operating Model profitability. Eventually you will win business and boost ROI to make better workforce decisions.

Our end-to-end HR Transformation Services include Change Management, Policy & Process Excellence, HR Information Technology (HRIS), HR Service Delivery Models Support. With over 10 years of hard work and commitment, making a real difference in The Netherlands, our organisation has expanded services and geographic scope in Europe, U.S. and Australia.

Increase your HR Model Profitability

Find the best-of-breed HR services to grow your business. Take advantage of tiered support for different HR scenarios, options for HR expertise involvement, and other elements tailored to your needs. Below are the services we are renowned for.


We standardise and streamline (across countries) your HR processes. There will be minimum variation and waste by eliminating non-added value activities.


We support you with implementing of HR Information Systems, Employee Benefit and Recognition Software to improve the employee experience.


We optimise the shared services delivery model to ensure benefit realisation and realignment of existing processes. Use the best HR practices while striving to HR Operational Excellence.


We give practical support in regard to Works Council processes, duties and responsibilities. This will help in the HR transformation of proposed business changes.



At Human In Progress we understand how to deliver and enable new ways of working to attract, motivate and retain employees. We will do whatever it takes to support you in employing best-of-breed HR services to grow your businesses. As a HR service provider it’s not just the people aspect that interests us. What matters is how we can better use it to improve the business and lives of everyone.

We work with you to build a powerful HR strategy and will minimise ineffectiveness. We care what matters for people and organisations to improve your HR Operating Model. Our HR Consulting Services focus on your  most critical opportunities: human resources, operations, processes, technology and transformation linked to your industry and geography.

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