Develop Your People, Develop Your Business

In today’s rapidly changing business environment it becomes more and more important to have a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of Human Resources. Since the invention of the HR function, motivation and satisfaction in our job has had an increasing impact on the way we work and live.

We design, develop and deliver training solutions to support clients in their performance, to build organisations that attract, motivate and retain employees.

Our experience and international knowledge base allows us to offer in-company trainings on various levels. Participants are offered tools and work towards innovative appropriate HR results.


Academy trainers are consultants by profession. They have practical in depth knowledge of local and international HR. An unique opportunity is given to you to join the experience and benefit of 15+ years of wisdom and knowledge.

Tailor-Made Training Solutions

The process of developing the tailor-made training starts with a consultation on your training needs, skills, role and the level of knowledge of the participants.

Our training courses are result oriented, based on definable objectives providing you with tangible experiences to take back to your organisation.

Real-life HR cases and interactive discussions enable you to transfer the lessons onto your own specific professional environments. The content of each course is reviewed frequently and is therefore in line with HR market practise.


The program matches experienced HR professionals (mentors) with HR practitioners and other professionals wanting to transition into an HR role (mentees) or gain more skills in HR. One of the mentors is Marieke Stoop, Founder & CEO of Human In Progress.



In the Netherlands the Works Council (ondernemingsraad, OR) promotes and protects the interests of the employees in a company.
Are you in need to know more about The Works Council roles, rights, duties and responsibilities?


HR Courses

Learn how to be an effective professional, whether you are a HR Generalist, Business Partner or Specialist. Increase your knowledge in HR Strategy, Works Council  Netherlands, Employee Relations and more.

Expert Led Courses

Learn from Human Resources experts with business and practical in depth experience. This gives you the unique opportunity to join the experience and benefit of 15+ years of wisdom and knowledge.

Tailored Training Solutions

Training is a necessity in maximizing employee performance, regardless of job level or position. The HR Training & Learning courses are tailor-made and are customised to your needs and skills.


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