The Mentoring Program of Human In Progress is dedicated to support the careers of people in HR by having meaningful connections and build skills that foster success. Through these relationships we will grow leaders.

The program first started in the Amsterdam with one simple goal: to support junior HR Professionals by partnering them with senior-level HR Consultant in the field. What began simply as an idea quickly turned into a popular program.


A mentoring partnership exists between two people with the goal of both personal and professional development. A mentor is an experienced individual who shares knowledge, experience and advice. Mentors become trusted advisers and role models.

Goal: The goal of this partnership is to have a learning and development opportunity by improving HR skills and to advance the current career. A mentoring partnership are tailored to your needs so be sure to make your thoughts known to your match.

Program Details

Mentors: Every mentor is a successful entrepreneur in their own right and are running highly successful businesses. One of the stellar mentors is Marieke Stoop, CEO of Human In Progress and Marieke Stoop International. Also mentors of EdgeGroup Incubators Australia are available to support and coach the mentee.

Mentee: The program matches experienced HR professionals (mentors) with HR practitioners and other professionals wanting to transition into an HR role (mentees) or gain more skills in HR.

Content: During the HR Mentoring program real-life HR cases, labour law specifics and interactive discussions are enable the mentee to transfer the lessons into her own specific professional environments. The content is reviewed frequently and is therefore in line with current labour law and HR market practices. The communication methods are via email, phone, face-to-face, skype and other methods as mentee and mentor see fit.

Duration: The duration of the HR Mentoring program is 6 months.

How to enrol in the program?

The program will be tailor-made to your needs. Contact our department to set up a meeting and ask for a quotation. Once partnerships are made, mentors and mentees meet over the course of months to discuss career goals, skills, portfolios and best practices.