In the Netherlands the Works Council (ondernemingsraad, OR) promotes and protects the interests of the employees in a company. Are you in need to know more about The Works Council roles, rights, duties and responsibilities?


The tailor-made training for Works Councils Netherlands by Human In Progress support you in:

  • Roles, rights and responsibilities concerning staff representation described in the Dutch Works Councils Act (Wet op de ondernemingsraden, WOR)
  • Work agreements, covenant and structuring of Works Council and Employer meetings
  • Formulating visions and way of working structure


Training Details

Trainers: The trainers are HR professionals, consultants, entrepreneurs and employee representatives of a Works Council in the Netherlands. They have experience working in an international environment with multicultural groups. They have excellent knowledge of transnational issues and many of them have practical experience.

Participants: The training is aimed at employee representatives of the Works Council, HR professionals and entrepreneurs. We can provide this training on-site, on any location chosen by your company.

Content: During the training the roles, duties and rights are discussed. Real-life HR cases, labour law specifics and interactive discussions enable the participants to transfer the lessons into her own specific professional environments. The content is reviewed frequently and is therefore in line with current labour law and HR market practices.

Duration: The training is tailor-made and will be customised to your needs .

How to enrol for the training?

Contact our department to set up a meeting and ask for a quotation.