For companies requiring ongoing Human Resources help, there are support plans to get the support options that make sense for your changing business. Take advantage of competitive, tiered support for different HR scenarios, options for HR expertise involvement, and other elements tailored to your needs.

We are offering HR Support Plans for a fixed monthly fee, as your business receives Human Resources advice, support and management expertise, ranging from advice on day-to-day HR matters to senior-level strategy support. Tap into a rich community of expert to share information and get assistance. Learn and discover new ways to expand your business opportunities. You have got a business to run and these plans might be the engine for your success. Whenever you need HR support, we are here to help you.

The Basic HR Support Plan is a cost-effective solution that ensures your most important HR needs are covered. Get answers to your questions quickly, avoid mistakes, and free up your time to focus on revenue generating activities.

The Advanced HR Support Plan provides a more comprehensive HR review and consulting service to ensure you have all the right HR policies, procedures and systems in place. The commitment of the Basic and Advanced HR Support Plan is per year.

For companies requiring project support or are in need for a more customisable solution, the Premium HR Support Plan can be individualised to your needs managed by a dedicated HR Consultant. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We need support on a need basis. Can we use the HR Support Plan?

Yes you can. You will receive Human Resources advice, support and management expertise, ranging from advice on day-to-day HR matters to senior-level strategy support. The monthly subscription gives you essential support on Human Resources and Employment Law.


Is the support per phone or email?

With the HR Plan, you can submit your support requests both online (email) and by phone. You take advantage of tiered support in English or Dutch language. For the subscription to HR Advanced  Support Plan there is the option to have an HR Consultant on site.


What’s the difference between Basic HR Support Plan and Advanced HR Support Plan?

Basic HR Support Plan provides your organisation with quick HR remote support, per email with simple sharing and collaboration tools. This plan provides you with support for 8 hours per month on a use-it-or-lose-it basis, any unused time is lost and the balance resets the next month. If your organisation is in need for more, Advanced HR Support Plan offers unlimited email contacts and phone calls, but also offsite and onsite support features.

What is the Premium HR Support Plan?

The Premium Support Plan is designed to provide a tailor-made HR Support solution. This means that the quotation for this plan will be individualised with enhanced HR support and customisation to meet your organisation’s needs.

Can I upgrade my existing Basic HR Support Plan or Advanced Plan?

Yes. Moving to another HR Support Plan is easy! Please contact us and we will support you with the transfer. Note, your upgrade will always commence on the first day of a new month. The HR Support Plans are billed per month and start on the first day of the month until the last calendar day of that respective month.

Who is the HR Support Plan user?

The user is the legal representative of the organisation, the party, commissioning the engagement and using the HR Services of Human In Progress. The (HR) professional, reaching out to us for monthly HR support, after signing the agreement, does not necessarily be the legal representative of the organisation.

Where can I find more information?

For more information you can contact us.